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Graphite and collage on board
20” x 30”

The Roman goddess of wisdom, poetry, crafts and medicine

Main Portrait

Graphite on 130g Snowdon white cartridge paper
Hand made paper

Book Extracts:
The Apicius manuscript A 4th or 5th-century compendium of culinary and medical recipes

Codex Augusteus

Poem Extracts:
The Owl and the Nightingale A medieval poem. Minerva’s primary sacred animal was the owl, a symbol of wisdom. The statue of Minerva in York has her sat next to an owl.


Number three on the twelve part heritage timeline. A Roman goddess represents each of the first four parts by way of corresponding to the first four centuries of Roman occupation.
Minerva was the goddess of wisdom and the Romans equated her with the Greek goddess Athena. She was also the goddess of warfare and her legend states she came into being, armed and clad in armour, after bursting from her father Jupiter’s head.
Just next to the south entrance to the minster, on the corner of High Petergate and Minster Gates, a statue of Minerva sits atop a large plinth with her arm resting on a stack of books and her owl sat behind her. Placed above John Wolstenholme book shop at the turn of the nineteenth century the books that Wolstenholme sold are long gone but Minerva remains, an ever watchful eye cast over the residents and visitors below her.

Original Artwork : £290.00

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