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Graphite and collage on board
20” x 30”

Haunted York and the ghostly apparition of No. 5 College Street

Main Portrait
Ghost of a young girl

Graphite on 130g Snowdon white cartridge paper
Hand made paper
5 College Street by Vincent Danks

Book Extracts:
Lady Fanshawe’s recipe Book, Plague precautions. Detail of a page from the recipe book of Lady Ann Fanshawe, wife of Sir Richard Fanshawe (1608-1666), English ambassador to Spain, containing medical, culinary and other recipes, compiled from 1651. This page features ‘Dr Burges his Directionns in tyme of Plague’.

Document Extracts:
Broadsheet by John Belson. Written in 1665 and detailing cures for the plague along with a series of rules that needed to be observed.
Broadside by the physicians Thomas Witherly and Nathaniel Hodges. A large, one sided leaflet published to appeal to the general public for early warning of plague cases, and to advertise their surgery hours.
Famous and Effectual Medicine to cure the Plague. Talisman against plague. A page from a 15th century Leech-book.
Letter from John Allin to Philip Frith, Rye about the resurgence of the plague, 30th September 1665.


With the Minster towering above it to the left, the 15th century timber building of St William’s College to the right and the Treasurers House just round the corner, number 5 college street is situated in the most densely haunted area in the whole of the city. As if that wasn’t enough, the house itself dates back to medieval times and it therefore comes as little surprise to learn that it is haunted. Arguably what does cause a certain amount of disbelief is the fact that there is only one ghost.
The phantom in question owes its existence to a miserable and somewhat harrowing tale of a young girl who died of starvation during the Great Plague of 1604, a plague which killed 3,512 people in a city whose population was only around 10,000.
The details of her story emerged following a requested seance by a family occupying the house in the early part of the twentieth century. People over the years had often complained of an intense sadness that pervades the house but the two children living there at this time were troubled by a continual crying, footsteps running around the upstairs part of the house and the materialisation, also seen by the nanny, of a young girl in an old fashioned white dress.
The seance revealed that the girl’s parents had both died of the plague. Their servants, inevitably lacking the medical skills required to make an accurate diagnosis, mistakenly believed that their daughter, also stricken with the illness, had died along with them. As such, they left the property to be boarded up in line with plague regulations that were designed to isolate infected areas. However, the girl recovered and awoke to find herself abandoned with her dead parents. Small wonder that her ghostly presence should manifest itself as agitated footprints and the sobbing of a lonely, helpless child.
Extract from Haunted York by Vincent Danks.

Original Artwork : £290.00

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