For those who’ve read my previous posts on the elusive nature of Brigantia (or the elusive nature of my ability to draw her) the content of this blog entry will come as no surprise.

Which means I’m still not sure if I’ve got her. At the moment I’m still not happy with the actual drawing but a bit more work should sort that out (hopefully!) and then it’ll be a question of whether I’ve caught what I’m after…

I may decide that, even if I haven’t, I’ll at least finish the piece and see what I think then… I can always have another go at a later date.

It also occurs to me that her ideal look may be different to other people than the way I see her (or more accurately, don’t see her) so multiple versions might be a good thing.

Although I have a horrible feeling that after about a dozen attempts I’ll be no closer and will realise that I am doomed to keep drawing her forever.

Still, there are worse things…

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