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Graphite and collage on board
25” x 30”

The coastal town of Whitby in North Yorkshire

Main Portrait
Spirit of the sea

Graphite on 130g Snowdon white cartridge paper
Hand made paper

Book Extracts:
Folio 3v from the Petersburg Bede Public Domain
A page from the illuminated manuscript by Saint Peter, written in the early part of the eighth century and documenting the history of England.
Of the five books, the third contains an account of the Synod of Whitby, the outcome of which is considered by historians as a pivotal juncture in England’s history.

Poem Extracts:
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge


The sea’s influence on Whitby cannot be overstated. From the settlements that were already established in the early part of the first century, its growth as a port at the end of the 16th century due to the alum trade, through to it’s contemporary fishing and tourism, the sea has been the town’s lifeblood for over two thousand years.
Ship building and whaling became major industries in the eighteenth century and Whitby became the third largest shipbuilder in England.
Three lighthouses still exist, two of which were refurbished in 2011 and proudly guard the entrance to Whitby harbour.

Original Artwork : £290.00

Free Shipping

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