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Graphite and collage on board
20” x 30”

Gravestown graphic novel.

Main Portrait
Emma, the main protagonist

Graphite on 130g Snowdon white cartridge paper
Hand made paper
Graphic Novel Extract:
Gravestown by Roger Gibson and Vincent Danks
Manuscript of Henry Weed Fowler on the fishes of the Philippines, unpublished, circa 1930-1941. The title ‘Deluge’ is a metaphor relating to the overwhelming amount of unfamiliar data that Emma is bombarded with.
A random page of a hand-written notes by Charles Darwin. I liked the idea of a visual link between his observation of new species during his voyage on the Beagle and Emma’s corresponding discovery of creatures that should not exist.
Bram Stoker’s notes for Dracula. According to these hand written notes by the author of Dracula his original intention was to name the titular villain ‘Wampyr’.
Medieval handwriting:
Anonymous letter as delivered to Lord Monteagle, October 26, 1605. The graphic novel plot involves a prophecy and a conspiracy. There were no vampires or faeries at the time of the gunpowder plot but there was a lot of intrigue and mystery, one of which was the author of this letter warning of the plot.
Letter from William Byrd, Lincoln’s Inn, London, to Dr. John Woodward, 1697. ‘About the Notions of the Americans in Virginia Concerning the universal Deluge, Dissolution of the Earth. &c.’


A continuation of the theme established in Arrival, this is a portrayal of a sensory overload. Gravestown looks, feels and is inhabited by architecture and residents that are totally alien to the newly entrapped victim. A swift mental adjustment is needed for the protection of one’s life and sanity.
Not all succeed.

Original Artwork : £290.00

Free Shipping

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