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Graphite and collage on plywood board
22” x 32”

The legend and ghost of the Silent Pool in Guildford

Main Portrait

Graphite on 130g Snowdon white cartridge paper
Hand made paper

Grant of Portchester Castle by Edward I, Calendar of Patent Rolls, 1271-1281. Document detailing the transfer of properties from Edward I to his mother including the ‘manor of Guldeford’ (Guildford).

Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Codex latinus monacensis (Clm), fol. 71v 1086. Manuscript with the name of an angelo-saxon nun (Hugeburc) who wrote poetry hidden in a cipher.
Winchester manuscript,1471 and 1483. Copy of Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur created by two professional scribes.
Henry and Emma, 1708. Early transcript by a lady of Mathew Prior’s poem on women’s fidelity.

Newspaper Cuttings:
The Great Floods, 1900. Report on the damage to Guildford caused by an unprecedented rise in the amount of water in the River Wey.


Having lived in Guildford as a boy I felt drawn to the idea of creating a piece of work using a story from the area. The Silent Pool legend is known to be a piece of fiction by the poet Martin Farquhar Tupper but its romantic tale of an evil King and two separated lovers inspiring actual ghost sightings was irresistible.

There are more details on the background story in two blog entries:
Spirits: Guildford | The Silent Pool .. Another Emma And A Ghostly Lady Of The Lake
Spirits: Guildford | The Silent Pool

Original Artwork : £290.00

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