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Graphite and collage on board
25” x 19”

Winter attribute of the Glastonbury goddess

Main Portrait
Winter Goddess

Graphite on 130g Snowdon white cartridge paper
Hand made paper

Poem Extracts:
Works and Days by Hesiod. First page of Hesiod’s poem from a 1539 edition.

Manuscript Extracts:
An early surviving manuscript from Glastonbury Abbey dated c. 940-947.
Christian liturgical text in Syriac from the 11th century. When the document was scanned using an MRI it revealed an under text of classical Greek with a reference to Persephone.


The Glastonbury goddess as an entity is a relatively recent spiritual development but her heritage can be witnessed in over two thousand years of devoutness.
She is known by many names and is attributed to a number of analogous deities but her prevailing ethos is that of the Mother-Goddess, referred to by the Romans as Deae Matres or the Matronae and to the Celts as Modron.
Often abstracted as a triple goddess her role, as with the ancient Greek’s veneration of Hera in Stymphalia in Arcadia, can personify the principal aspects of the female, that of the girl, the adult woman and the widow.
Neopaganism adopted this conviction with Robert Graves concept of the maiden, mother and crone. or wise woman, but like the Celtic Brigid, the Glastonbury goddess possesses an idiosyncratic nature that can also personify the elements of life and their connection to the seasons.
Winter Solstice is an initial attempt at capturing an entity that is in reality a personification of the Glastonbury ideal; a loving matriarch that lives within everything and everyone and whose philosophy is available to all who are willing to see her.

Original Artwork : £240.00

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