And here’s me thinking this project would be straightforward. Fool!
Apologies, but it’s all got a bit stressful so I’m going to have a bit of an offload…
The accompanying drawing is of Emma, and she is the first part of a series of pieces that will use comics as a theme. I haven’t abandoned Alizon but I’ve been forced into a break from her as I haven’t yet found a decent medium for collaging – I have a pot of ‘Yes’ paste on order which should do the job so hopefully she won’t be neglected for too long.

Emma is the lead character in a graphic novel called Gravestown (more information will be forthcoming but first I need to have my artistic wail of self-doubt) and I had decided (finally) that it would be really cool to do these pieces relatively large, about 4 foot by 3 foot. It hadn’t occurred to me (typical I’m afraid) that producing pencil work at what is, at least for me, much much bigger than I’d done pencil work before, would result in an increase in the time spent creating the drawing and also a corresponding increase in difficulty.

I didn’t find this with Alizon as I’m planning to use a fair bit of collage in that piece and so the portrait of her is relatively small, but with Emma, well, in short, I’m struggling a bit… I haven’t quite reached the ‘oh my God why did I ever think I could do this!’ stage but it has certainly been a somewhat humbling experience.
On the plus side, artists are supposed to suffer for their art so apparently I should be grateful. Not sure I’m ready to embrace that particular philosophy yet but if things don’t get easier as the project progresses I may have no choice…

And if you’d like to share that would be fab…

And here’s me thinking this project would be straightforward. What a fool! If you’re in the mood for hearing an artist having an offload about why he’s an idiot, feel free to drop by and say hello (and offer sympathy…sob)…

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