Although I’ve done the Mad Alice piece for the Haunted York series I thought it might be a good idea to start a piece that used an actual ghost as its subject.

If you’ve ever done one of the ghost walks in York you may be familiar with the girl at 5 College Street. It’s a fabulous location, right next to the East face of the minster and sitting at the end of the street that houses St William.s College (which has its own ghost story that I’ll relate in a future post). Number five is a small, medieval house whose residents fell victim to the plague in 1604 and unfortunately for the young lady that lived there she was mistakenly thought to have died along with her parents and the house was duly boarded up as part of the ongoing plague control measures. Having recovered, she found herself imprisoned in the building that was to become her tomb and the ghost stories attest to the noise of agitated footprints and the sound of a child crying.

We shan’t spoil the story by wondering how anybody actually knew this, given that she was barricaded in her house. Instead we shall allow a cold shiver to run down our spine and be thankful that modern day York seems to be free of such inconvenient epidemics.

And if you’d like to share that would be fab…