Graphite and collage on plywood board
24” x 30”

As with all the artwork in this Spirits series I didn’t want the theme to be too obvious. The collage work is as much a spirit as the portrait (although I do have an idea for a second sea themed piece that I might make a little more distinctive).

The collage material I’ve used is undoubtedly sea related (full details in the gallery) and I’ve tried to use the paper to create a sense of the ocean. I thought it would be finish it off nicely if I used a frame made from reclaimed driftwood. I’ll see if I can mock up a sample of that and if anyone fancies giving me some feedback it would be most appreciated.

Original Artwork : £290.00

And if you’d like to share that would be fab…


It’s probably become apparent that I like things that are a bit weird and spooky. It’s not my only interest but I do have a fascination with the dark side (the halloween variety as oppose to the Luke Skywalker variety.. although I like that too) which is why my first Whitby piece used Bram Stoker and the Whitby Goth Weekend as its inspiration.
However, as I mentioned in an earlier post, Whitby’s heritage is far older than vampire novels and goth music and this is something that I also wanted to use as a theme.

The town’s coastal location means the sea is an ever present and influencing factor on the town’s history and daily life, and although it was the building of the abbey in 657AD that resulted in the growth of the town and established its religious importance, it’s the enduring presence of the ocean lapping at the town’s shoreline that is most relevant. From fishing through to the holiday makers that come for the sea air and the unique jet stone it will always provide a means to create an income.

It is, essentially, the life blood of the town.
Unlike the ghosts, who are obviously not alive. Although they still act as a source of money, if only for those with a similar curiosity for the unearthly such as Dr Crank, who runs a guided ghost walk. There are books available too which will come in very handy when I start researching my second Whitby | Gothic piece.
But first I’ll finish the Sea…

And if you’d like to share that would be fab…