May 2018

Vincent was born in 1961 in Nakuru, Kenya and has always been annoyed at having been brought back to England by his parents when he was eighteen months old as it’s a lot colder in England and he doesn’t like the cold.

Having then been brought north to York when he was twelve (where it was even colder) things at least looked pretty and the gothic surroundings have clearly had an untoward influence on him.

His early artistic career began when he was commissioned to draw Doctor Who comics for the Marvel Comics Group. Further comics’ work culminated in the creation of his own comic, Sapphire, the co-creation of Harker with Roger Gibson, published by Titan Publishing in May 2012 and Gravestown, also in collaboration with Roger Gibson and due for publication by Titan next year.

The appreciation of the creative freedom that self publishing afforded became a key element in his desire to create fine art, and the art in itself is an extension of the mythic nature of fantasy and drama so popular in comics.

Drawing sometimes on reality, and sometimes on fiction, his pieces are populated by larger than life characters from both history and invention. As with comics, his aim is to tell the story of the person and create an emotional connection between the viewer and the character.

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