Hello, I’m Vince and welcome to my gallery…

This is the gallery, but there’s also a blog that will hopefully enlighten you in an amusing way as to who I am and what I’m up to.

If you want to have look around and read some of the blog entries that would be fab, but if you’d prefer to just have a look at the pictures that’s great too.

The pieces are created using graphite (mainly a 4B pencil) and collage and they’re all part of a series of pieces that have various themes. Or at least they will be as I get the work done.

The themes are subjects that appeal to me and inspire me to work. They’re pretty varied, ranging from places I like to be to graphic novels I’ve worked on, so hopefully some will be of interest to you and should any of the pieces succeed in piquing your curiosity they all have fairly detailed descriptions of what they’re about.

Anything you want to know, don’t hesitate to ask, either by dropping me an email or filling in the contact form.

And if you’d like to share that would be fab…